Dining with Jane Austen
A Culinary Adventure Through the Author's Life and Works

“I always take care to provide such things as please my own appetite, which I consider as the chief merit
in housekeeping…"
                  17, 18 November 1798


































































































































































Experience the Culinary Journey

After three years of research, 45 stories on period foods, 75 recipe adaptations, and on-site photography at two historic Hampshire houses, Dining with Jane Austen is available.

Explore the world of Jane Austen through the foods and dining experiences familiar to her. From Orange Wine to Bath Buns and plain dishes to ragouts, you can now recreate foods associated with the famous author's life, letters and novels.

Recipes have been carefully adapted using two manuscript cookbooks held within the Austen-family circle. By understanding and recreating these foods, we can enjoy a certain level of intimacy with the author—much like that of sharing a meal with our family and closest friends. By recreating the author's favorite dishes, you may indeed feel like you are Dining with Jane Austen.

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